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Where did you get your sign in name from???
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my name is just gaelle but i chose chocolatier bcoz my favourite game is chocolatier i just added a y to aviod adding a bunch of numbers at the end
oh and p.s: uhuru1071 am from kenya !!

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My name came from my Best Friend Fizzy Half jackrussel&spaniel.She is always busy therefor,fizzbizz!  
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I enjoy knitting on a loom -- circular ( scarves ) + long ( blankets ) -- Knit 01

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thats easy thiswas my daughers acct hence the 68 i took it over when she lost interest  
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puzzlfrk53 wrote:Okay, if you really want to know.... I've always been into puzzles: jigsaw, logic problems, crosswords, hidden objects, you name it. My husband used to ask why we bought a dining room table, when all I did was cover it with 1,000 or 2,000 piece jigsaw puzzles. Also my granddaughter started calling me a freak a few years ago; now it's always "You're such a FREAK!" So, I came up with puzzle freak (puzzlfrk). Oh, and I was born in 1953. So, now you know!

Happy 60th birthday to you and me!! Rememberr when we were children and thought about the "old peope", ages 21 and over? Somehow, I don't feel old.
Peace and blessings!
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My name comes from what you do when you go into the caribbean sea. When I vacationed on one of the islands, I was asked if I had my seasoak yet.  
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My name came about because I am the type of person that can be in a crowed room yet nobody ever sees me and my kids always tells me I need to tan cause I am white as a ghost. and my uncle always called me Linda go cause when I was little I always wanted to GO somewhere. So thats how i got my name long story for a short name! lol  
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mine is rather simple actually
i had a step mother that passed away that i loved dearly
she was a member of the turtles club we called her maw and her name was ej
I picked the name so everyday of my life my thoughts will touch her at least once  
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People always tell me I'm so easy to get along with so there you have it attached to my name  
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