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Lost Island: Eternal Storm - Master Game Topic
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I LOVE this game!!!! I played for so many hours my butt went numb. But i'm out of quests now!!! How often are updates for new quests? Do we have to wait a long time for them? I have so many game like this that just never seem to have updates but i REALLY hope this does!

As there was no topic for this game, I have marked your post as the Master Game Topic. - iWinModTeam  

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For those of you who are having Game Start issues. I have two computers on my
desk connected to a 2 port KVM switch. One is 7 and the other is XP. I use the XP
service pak 3 computer for games that will not run on 7. It helps out.

As for "Lost Island Eternal Storm" I need to solve the "Light Crystal Puzzle" if
you have the answer *** personal information removed ***

The puzzle has 7 rows of 7 squares - each vertical row is numbered 7 -14-21-28
-35 -42-49 Beginning at the bottom left on 7/2 and ending on the bottom
right at 49/2 please give me the numbered sequence of the 26 crystals.

The Box is called the "Mountain Crystal Box"

There has to be a total of 26 steps - Please help me solve this - I will be
forever grateful - I can not continue until I fix this. - Jack

Your email address was removed for your safety; it is not safe to post personal information on a public site (Forum, Hotel walls...) Please read the Forum Guidelines and the Code of Conduct for more information about posting to the iWin Forums. Thank you.

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I can not get into the Elven Ruler location. I am on level 40 stars. Does anyone what to do to access it?  
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