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Mystery PI The New York Fortune
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Have you played Mystery PI The New York Fortune? Need any game hints? Here's where to discuss!

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I played this game many months ago and even started replaying it at one point. I liked the graphics, the objects were a challenge sometimes but FAIR which is a complaint I have about some hidden object games. They make some of the objects very transparent or fuzzy or colored very dark as in almost the same dark color as the background behind them.

It also doesn't help when the list doesn't spell words right. One game wanted me to find a "busket" and when I couldn't figure out what that was, I was forced to use a hint and a basket was the object to be found.

And... I don't think it's fair to put an item on the list then not make ALL of that item correct for clicking -- I don't remember how many butterflies or spiders or telephones I've clicked on when that item is on the list (as a singular item not three of it, etc.) and I get the red "x" and sometimes time deducted for too many wrong guesses.

It's been so long ago that I played this game that I don't recall if there were too many problems with it, but I don't think so.

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