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Cathy's Crafts - Master Game Topic
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How do you get expert (3 stars) for game Cathy's Crafts for level four  

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Yay! I have just finished cathys crafts! I was also having problems getting past level 5:1. Then I took the advice of iwin. I uninstalled it from my game manager, and reinstalled it from the download page. This solved the problem. It even got rid of the double images I was getting. Try should work.
The other thing I did was to go to the *** competitor name removed *** walkthrough for cathys crafts (google it) and made a note of what the different customers need in the menu.
This helped heaps!

As stated in the Forum Guidelines and the Code of Conduct, competitor names, competitor URL's or websites with links to competitors, are not allowed in the Forums.  

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Has anyone figured out where the mice are located on all the levels?  
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t is now possible to get past 6-1, but impossible to get even close to one star on 6-5.  
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