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Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party
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Do you play Farm Frenzy Pizza Party? Tell us your favorite part!

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Has anyone beaten the best time on curd lane 2. I have not been close to the 3:09 mark.  
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THANK YOU THANK YOU for the sale on Farm Frenzy Pizza Party! I love all the farm frenzy games, graphics just get better and better. Animals are even cuter than before. I am not so fast so I settle for Silver awards, love getting trophies ! It is so much fun I played for almost an hour-where did the time go?
FUN and Double Opals...makes my day!
I think I'm mezmerized by the goats, they are so cute!  

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I'm a little mad that i just bought the game last week full price but that's my luck.  
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Has anyone beaten Pizza Road 4 orPickle Lane 1? I can not get gold......Please HELP.. Thanks  
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In the awards you can get a trophie for not using tips... what are the tips and how do i get them? I just want to see what they are.  
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When it talks about "using tips" it means;
when you put your mouse over a machine or building and it eventually tells you what the ingredients are or how many items it can process. Also on the goals (bottom left box) you can click on it if you forget how much money or whatever. Some times the box will say 2K for money, you may think $2000, but then click on that box and it will be $2,200. So be careful or you could sell you animals to reach a mony goal and then be stuck.
Anyway, clicking the goal box counts as using a tip also.  
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