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Accessing the iWin Zendesk Support portal - a little walkthrough...
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A summary of the steps required to access the new system to access the Support portal, using Zendesk. Just posting it here so it's accessible to anyone wondering how to get to Support now...These instructions assume you have not used the new Support portal before. There are a couple of extra steps the first time.

  • First, open a browser window and go to . This will redirect you to the iWin ZenDesk Support portal.

  • Click on Submit a Request. Don't worry about signing in at this point.

  • Fill out the form and hit Submit. (If you're asked for "Your Website Username", enter your iWin user name.)

  • The page will refresh and there will be a light blue banner at the top which says "Your request was successfully submitted."

  • Now click on "My activities". A pop up window will ask you to sign in to iWin Customer Support.

  • You will need to set up a password ONLY the first time you use the new portal. Find the line that says "Have you emailed us? Get a password" and click on Get a password.

  • Another pop up window will show up. Enter the e-mail address you used in your support request and click Submit. You will get a message telling you to check your e-mail.

  • Open the e-mail account which you gave in your request and look for two new messages from The older one will have "[Support Request Received]" in the subject line. It has information about the ticket (support request) you submitted. The newer message will have "Welcome to iWin - Customer Support" in the subject line. Open that e-mail and use the link provided to create a new password.

  • If you are not immediately redirected to the Support portal, go back to and sign in with your new password. Click on "My activities", which will open up your personal Support page. Your request will be listed under "My requests". Click on the subject line (in blue) to view the ticket.

  • For subsequent visits to Support, all you need to do is go to and sign in using the name and password you created above.

  • To file a new ticket, just click on Submit a Request and go through the choices there. If the solution you receive does not help and the ticket is marked SOLVED, open the ticket and look near the bottom of the page, where it will say "This request is closed for comments. You can create a follow-up." Then click on "create a follow up" and go from there.

    Like all iWin users, the moderators use the Support portal to contact Support. My fellow moderator put this step-by-step guide together for all of us until we get familiar with the new setup. Once you have the password to the new system, your next visits to Support will go much faster.


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