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Avencast - Rise of the Mage - Master Game TOpic
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I could not find a thread for this game, so I hope it is ok to just post:

I downloaded this game (huge download btw) and had to uninstall almost immediately.
It seems it was originally made for a console or something, because the only way to move around that I could find was by using the WASD buttons for movement, and the mouse to sort of panning the viewpoint.

As I am left-handed, this made the game unplayable for me.
It is not practical to use the WASD-buttons with my right hand, as I use the left hand on the mouse. Most other games I have played that use the keyboard for movement usually either also uses the arrow-buttons as an alternative, or has a way to re-assign which buttons you want to use.
Not so here, at least not as I could find.

So a warning to left-handed players - this game is not designed for us.  

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