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How to change your avatar's appearance
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When you use the forums, you'll notice a small image on the left side of posts, under the poster's name and above the indication of how many posts they've made. It either looks like a head shot or an outline of a head with a question mark in it, as shown above. This is the poster's avatar. The blank avatar is used when someone has not set up their own avatar. Avatars are a holdover from the Hotel iWin, which is now defunct and could disappear at any time. I don't believe they appear on any of the redesigned pages at (The Forums have not yet undergone a redesign.)

Here's how to change your avatar.
  • On the main page, click on Connect and choose Hotel iWin.
  • Click on My Room in the splash page graphic.
  • Click "Shop for Stuff", found in the horizontal tabs at the top of the Hotel iWin graphics, about 1" down the whole web page, then choose "Faceplace Spa".
  • Study the options. Choose a category, for instance "hair", "nose", or "eyebrows", then choose an option in that category. Some categories also allow you to choose a color.
  • Your choices will appear on your Shopping List to the right of the image of your hotel room.
  • When you're done, click on BUY to save your changes or CLEAR to ignore them. Faceplace Spa items are no cost so you don't need to have Opals to change your avatar.

  • This leads to the question of "What are Opals?" At one time, Opals were an iWin currency used to build rooms in the Hotel iWin. The Hotel is unsupported and not part of the redesigned iWin site. You will not have any Opals unless you had some left over when the Hotel was active, but you do not need them to change your avatar.

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