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Katy & Bob - Safari Cafe - Master Game Topic
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This long-awaited sequel costs a pretty penny (A "Collector's Edition") and delivers on some levels, but not others. The graphics are cheerful and attractive and the game mechanics very efficient. The action is fast-moving, with clicks coming in satisfyingly rapid succession. And time-management titles are so rare that one that functions well deserves four stars just for existing! But the game is repetitive, and makes little effort to increase the level of difficulty as the levels go on. The first Katy and Bob title was very challenging, with multiple tries necessary to achieve the goals of higher levels. In this iteration, the same level goals pop up over and over again. For example, in an early level, one goal might be to deliver menus four times in a row. Twenty levels later, the goal might be to deliver them fewer times in a row. I am currently on the third restaurant. Who knows, maybe there is a more challenging mode after the first go-through? To time-management fans like me, I would say, DO buy this game, but perhaps only in a non-Collector's Edition format. It is enjoyable and appropriate for all family members.  

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