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Mystery of the Crystal Portal
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Have you played Mystery of the Crystal Portal? Want to talk about how great a game it is? Need game tips? Here's where to discuss it!

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I played the demo for Crystal Portal and thought it was good. A little bit different take on hidden object games. Anyone else played this or tried it yet?  
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I tried it, and you are right, very different twist on normal hidden object games, and a little more challenging. I liked it well enough. Don't know if I will buy it. Depends on whether I get bored with the endless amount of other games I have bought.  
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I tried the demo of Crystal Portal, since I haven't played many hidden object games, I found it challenging and thinking about buying it. I have been playing match three games, especially Jewel Quest 2, 3 and solitaire.  
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Does anyone know where I can find the strategy guide for The Mystery of the Crystal Portal game?
Please do not keep reposting the same question over & over (your 2 other posts were deleted); if someone has an answer for you, they'll post it. These are not chats but user-based Forums so you have to wait until someone comes along who has an answer for you...Why don't you try posting a particular game question you have instead...someone may have the answer to it and then you can move on in the game...That is what these Forums are for, to share game strategies... Dee, volunteer moderator  

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Does anyone have a solution to the part where the light needs to bend through all the crystals?  
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