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Quilting Time
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Have you played Quilting Time? Want to talk about how great a game it is? Need game tips? Here's where to discuss it!

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I love this game. I have a hard time quitting once I get started. There are so many combinations possible. And, as time goes on, new colors and patterns show up. It is addictive. But very relaxing and enjoyable.

I check with the company who owns Quilting Time and I am told there has been a great interest in the game. I asked if more colors and patterns would be available in the future as add-ons. They said they are working on it. So I hope it will be like the cake mania games where you can buy different packages of colors and designs.

If you haven't tried this, please do and be prepared to buy it immediately. I did. One of the best moves I've ever made.  
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i love diz game its teaches yuh laot nd itz very fun  
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I love this game too, the way you can pick what colors to work. It confused me for awhile cos some of the puzzles do -not- piece together like real-life quilt patterns, even though most (maybe all) of them are based on quilt patterns.
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