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Enchanted Cavern - Master Game Topic
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Hi can anyone tell me how to get through Enchanted Cavern level 3 game 7? Our whole household as tried it - we are playing the free game wondering if we have to actually purchase the game to get through this level - its very frustrating so someone please help us. Thanks,  

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wow i have been waiting on someone answering that question too, i have been stuck on that level for 2 years............yes i said that, and i own the game.............lol.
no idea i need help too lol

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It's good to know I'm not the only one eternally stuck on 3-7. The game is structured for right-handed players only and since I'm left-handed I thought I was just too slow. I've been down to just one jewel twice & both times the game ended as soon as I got there. Oh well...even though it's frustrating not being able to advance past that level, it is still a fun challenge. Never say never!  
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i had same trouble, on that same level of 3--7. seems when you play with ads, the game continues as commercial is playing . so i purchased game to avoid the commercials and passed that level and completed the game playing it again, second time around, it's a very addicting game!  
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I was also stuck at the same level in the game. I don't know why I did this but it worked, I clicked on start new game. It takes you through without time limits on some and difficulty level stayed on Normal. Hope this helps, cause I was stuck also.  
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i LOVE THIS GAME! Must have played it forty times... The secret to get though level three-seven is: first of all, grab "time" whenever you see it. You need it. Secondly, you know those pieces that clear an entire vertical and horizontal row (I think of them as "cross-blasters")? You need to get as many cross-blasters as possible into the bottom three rows. Let them fall from the top without picking them, if you can. You may end up with some cross-blasters on the bottom which are not part of a match three set - you will need to trigger these with bombs or the pieces that set off everything of one color. Finally, play as fast as you can, to get more special pieces onto the board. Getting a "no more moves" reshuffle is also always helpful. Another tip: do you know that, if you make eight quick picks in a row, you get more time (you can hear the notes of the musical scale as you make the picks)?

You will find that level 4-8 is also tough. But 3-7 is the hardest, I think. Also, when you get to the end, level 5-7, the game restarts and you are asked if you want to play in "hard" mode. It's harder because there is a time penalty after two bad picks. In the easier level, you are allowed three bad picks before getting a time penalty.

Now you know all the secrets!  

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