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Where do you want to go?
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if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I'd go to Ireland of course!

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Back to Japan with summer's in Hawaii - or Back to Hawaii with Spring in Japan  
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joanietreb wrote:Back to Japan with summer's in Hawaii - or Back to Hawaii with Spring in Japan

Where will you be in WINTER ? I have never been to Japan. I think I love the gardens in Japan.

Mary k.  
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some place warm!!!!!!!!!  
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Back to Hawaii!!!!!!!!  
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I'd take my little husky on a hike deep in the Rocky Mountains,
and we'd camp out and live off the land for a few weeks.  
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Yellowstone National Park is the next new place I would love to see.  
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i aways wanted to go to Canada and England  
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I'd probably go to either Paris, France, or maybe Japan..  
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The Grand Canyon - hoping to make it there this summer!  
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Hawii! Love beaches and warmth  
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I've always wanted to go to Maine, Canada & Nova Scotia. But I'd also love to go back to the Bahamas & Santa Fe, New Mexico too.  
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