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Mysterious Worlds The Secret of Oak Island - Master Game Topic
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Is anyone else having a problem with this game? I have deciphered the code but the game will not continue after that. I have restarted 3 times, let the time run out to start over and still nothing happens once the code has been solved.  

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I am so frustrated with this game. I'm dyslexic and the code is just impossible for me. I keep trying, but everything just blends together. Are there some hints somewhere? I think I could do it with a few hints.  
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I finally finished game. If anyone needs help or tips let me know  
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In breaking the code, look for 3 letter words, it's usually "the", 2 letter words are either "it" or "is" and one letter is "a". Once you put a letter in place if it's correct you can't remove the letter. Also when you have 2 identical symbols together in the middle of a word they're either "tt", "mm", "nn" or "ss". I can't remember the translated letters, but in one of them he talks about being a "cunning pirate" Hope this helps a bit.

I got to the second to last screen, found all the items and the game won't let me go on! FRUSTRATING!!!!! I try to go to the next screen but it keeps kicking me back to the one where all the items have been found. Is there something I'm missing here?  
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