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Drunk Driving
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Spring Break has arrived. Proms, Easter, graduations, and summer vacations are just around the corner. Each of these is a time for celebration, reflection, and family gatherings. Many of our kids will be travelling and having parties. Some of them will celebrate with alcohol or drugs, and then get behind the wheel of a car. Lives will be lost, families will be broken, and celebratory gatherings will, instead, be for funerals, wakes, and burials.

Make arrangements with your kids and loved ones regarding an action plan if they ever find themselves in a drunken state, or with someone else who should not be driving. Our kids need to know we will come and get them, no matter the time or place. Their fear of punishment should not keep them from reaching out for our rescue. And rescue it is. For they may well be the ones we end up burying. Let's try to make a difference, and save a few lives. For the future of our kids.


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AMEN to that sister, I don't know what the legal age 4 driving is over there but so many young drivers are dying on our aussie roads too. It doesn't help that they can get behind the wheel of such high powered vehicles either.Cars that even seasoned drivers find hard to handle. I pray God will touch the hearts and minds of all these young ones or of the families of those who might be in the unfortunate situation of being relatives or friends of those who will be lost, because lets face it, it will happen to some. I just praise God that my son is not yet at that age! But it is fast approaching. I just think we as parents need to be vigilant. Even if the kids are not our own. I would rather save a life than be classed as cool  
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I have the cherished gift of 4 young adult and teenage children and they all know that, if they ever need to call home for a ride, we will always be there for them, even if a few of them live away from home now...doesn't matter, they know they can call and we'll see them home safe, be it arranging for a ride, calling and paying for a cab, whatever...it's not them getting into a friend's car who shouldn't be driving that worries me the most...it's the other crazies who think they can handle it that will get into their cars and drive and cause an accident...possibly injuring one of my treasures or worse...and sadly enough, those crazies are often adults who should know better but do it anyway!

Yes, we can teach our kids and do all the right things but who teaches those adults that the lives they take will likely not be their own? It's a sad reflection of the times that we live in where not thinking of others when we decide to do something often leads to tragedy...I'm rather fond of the idea of putting breath analyzers in all cars...and any other gadgets they can come up with that will keep those selfish, unthinking people off the roads..then maybe I'll sleep at night when my kids are out for the evening....and that's this mom's thinking on the matter...  
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I totally Agree i lost my aunt to drunk driving and it was horrible i hope no one ever experiances wat i went through im still healing and coping im glad that someone had started a forum bout drunk driving
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My children (well young adults really...) are all home for Easter and I'm thrilled to have them here, safe in their mother's arms but my daughter just informed me that a friend of theirs from university was killed this week while driving home from their evening shift on their second job to pay off tuition debts...He was hit by a drunk driver who crossed the median into oncoming traffic and took the life of a promising soon-to- be special education teacher...The drunk driver fell asleep at the wheel after a night out on the town, celebrating a promotion...Two lives lost and two families in pain; students that need special people to teach them won't have the benefit of this young man's dedication and love..A community has lost a son and nothing can bring him back...

I hold my children that much closer when I hear this sad news...PLEASE! Think before you drink and drive!  

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Emcall, that is a timely and important message. I feel for anyone who has lost a loved one or been injured themselves by a drunk driver. There is very little you can do about others on the road except drive defensively, and that is too often not enough. I know a number of people who insist they can have one, two, or six beers and not be impaired "because they're used to it". Unfortunately the first thing to go with alcohol is judgement. Keep educating people, reminding them, protesting when they insist they're immune, taking keys away, whatever you can do.

Kudos to the bartenders who aren't afraid to grab someone's keys and call a cab.  
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I send my condolences to anyone that has lost someone due to drunk driving. I know that this is a subject not to make light of, but I want to share with you something that I hope at least can make you smile and let you know that the younger generations are listening (at least some of them). We had lost a close call when my girls were young and I had to drive off the road to avoid being hit by a car which then crashed into a tree. My children & I were shaken up but no one was hurt thankfully. I called 911 to report the accident then went over to the other car to check the driver. The man at the wheel was unconscious and had a strong pulse but reeked of alcohol. I went back to my girls & called AAA for a tow truck to get us out of the ditch then waited for the police, ambulance & tow truck. While waiting I explained to my girls that I thought the man had been drinking and driving and told them we were very lucky. I told them no one should ever drink and drive. That it was very dangerous... and that sometimes people die because of it. I answered their questions, held them close & sent up a prayer of gratitude that we were all ok. When the police came I told them what had happened. The EMT checked us out and said we could go ...... Cutting to a few days later I was driving my girls to school and I had my travel cup of coffee with me as usual. I was stopped at a light & grabbed my cup for a few sips when my 3 yr old yelled "MOMMY! Don't drink, I don't want to die". It was a good thing I was stopped because I choked on my coffee (swallowing & laughing are not compatible you know). When I caught my breath and could talk again I explained to her that when I said drinking & driving was bad I meant drinking alcohol like beer or wine or whatever because it could make you drunk... It was bad to drive drunk.
Fortunately the lesson stuck with both of them; neither will get into a car with someone that has been drinking and have called me to come pick them up if they need to. I know because they have called me. My younger girl was at a sleepover in high school and called me at 3 am to ask me to pick her up. Said she would explain when I got there... turns out after the parents went to bed the kids started drinking and (as she put it) acting stupid. My older girl was at a concert and called me to pick her up because her boyfriend was drinking. She is no longer with him & has told the new one that " If he drinks, SHE drives & that it is nonnegotiable"
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I am 48 now, but when I was 19 a very drunk immigrant with a green card that spoke no english ran a stop sign and hit me. It pushed my motor of car inside with me. I ended up with broken femur (thigh bone) that looked like someone sawed in half. Shattered knee cap, cracked ribs, and somehow shattered the front windshield with my head, but did not get concussion or head injury. (my mom said I was hardheaded and that saved me. Ha Ha.) When 5 police and EMT's showed it took all of them and 4 civilians to hold me down to set my leg, worse than natural childbirth pain. The man and woman in other car had no injury's. Go figure.
I spent most of month in hospital, having 4 dif surgeries done. Used 3 bottles of conditioner and 2 hours of mom combing tangles out of my thick, past my waist blonde hair undone after released.
When this man was arrested it was Dec. 1982. Jan. 1, 1983 was a new law put into effect, no longer request your own language interprepter, so he spen 9 hours waiting for his to show up, and he still blew .09 on breath test. Tells how drunk he was when arrested, and waiting to sober up.
His insurance paid 10 K and clearly not even a dent in medical bills for stay and surgery. My ins. had to pay another 75 K
Now I am experiencing effects from wreck almost 30 yeers old. and it is rough but I must keep faith in prayer and hope he never hurt anyone else ever again.  
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My youngest son's graduation is in a few weeks (that's the end of 24 years of elementary & secondary school...whew...) and we, the parents of the group of friends that plan on attending the grad party together, have split the cost of that stretch limo to get them there and set up the cab to pick them up and bring them home. I used to think that stretch limo was such an extravagance when I saw them lined up dropping kids off at grad parties but I've reconsidered. Split between a bunch of us, it's not so bad, the kids get to look cool and we parents get to breathe a sigh of relief that they will get there safely (well as safely as possible - hard to take out one of those huge vehicles...) and the cabs will get them home if they do sneak a drink...which they shouldn't since they are all just barely underage but that's a different story...

One of the policewomen patrolling those nights has a daughter graduating this year and she made a point of telling the parents that the police around here set up a lot of checkpoints on grad nights to catch the drunks, hopefully before they cause damage; it is so appreciated! I would rather be stuck in a line waiting to get through one of these checkpoints than get that terrible call saying the kids had been hit by a drunk driver! So if you are stuck waiting for one of those police checkpoints, be thankful because it means at least a few drunks will not be on the roads putting your life as well as those of your loved ones in danger!  
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i kn cuz i hav bff who sis been caught drunk driven  
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