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the most amazing thing you ever saw
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i asked a new friend this, so we could get to know each other.

........................................."what is the most amazing thing you ever saw"

this was my response.

i have seen many things in my life. i have been in the mountains of china and seen the sun rise up and transform the landscape into peaks and valleys vailed in mist, i have stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon in disbelief of what i was seeing. how could anything be so huge and colorful, so deep. i could not have imagined how breath taking it was. but that was not he most amazing thing i have seen. by far the most amaZing thing is the birth of my children. i have seen it more than once, but each time i have, i have cried. to see a woman work with such determination and self sacrifice for the life of her child. then to see this grey little baby take it's first breath. instantly changing colors from grey to pink. and then to see mother and child re-united (having been separated for only a few seconds). that is the most amazing thing i have seen.

so what's yours?  
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wow!! that was exciting i've been to stonehenge england been too
william the conquerer's castle wallked on the very top turrets seen where the knights slept been to the tower of england been a lot more places to numerous to mention.  
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Oh Hank, that was beautiful and so true! I have to say that I have 4 lovely children and the most amazing thing I have ever seen is those eyes looking up at me for the first time and capturing my's almost like a hand squeezing your heart and taking your breath away, when you are sure you will never love someone as intensely as you do that very moment and then the next one comes along and it happens all over again...To see my husband's face just melt in a puddle of love as he held our newborns for the 1st time is the 2nd most amazing sight...Truly beautiful!  
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I have seen the sun rise on Mt. Fuji and the sun set on Manila Bay, both were glorious. But in the confines of a gray hospital room, they did not compare to the miracle of seeing my newborn son. Thank you Hank for sparking our memories.  
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On holiday in the middle of the countryside, no light pollution, staring up at the sky at 3am. The more we looked, the more stars appeared. The Universe is so vast it's hard to comprehend, but that night sky was so beautiful it moved me to tears.  
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Gwenny, this is now the most amazing thing i've seen. you are out here in the forum. now the world will get the chance to meet you and enjoy your humor, insite, and the beautiful person you are. if only Miss ShiffyDelicious could see you now. she was an amazing sight to see. i hope i didn't embarress you. i'm just happy to see you. because as vast as the universe may be, there is only one of you.  
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The night sky in the country is awesome, for sure. I adore time spent looking up, being reminded of God's glory.
The sight of my newborn at birth was unspeakably moving.

But for me, there is something else that was more amazing......

Last October, I went into the hospital and was not expected to come out alive. The doctors had my family preparing for my death. I was unconscious, of course, and knew nothing of the drama. I woke up six weeks later and remained in a fog for days. I remember friends and family coming by. It lifted my spirits immensely. My husband and son gave me joy and the desire to keep going. But the most wonderful sight to me, happened one day around Christmas. I was not feeling well, Hubby was at work, son at home, and I was alone. I was wishing I could see my Mom. (She is physically unable to get around enough to get out and come to the hospital, so we talked on the phone every day. ) She is my rock, my strength. As I was wishing I could see her, and hug her, my room door opened. Thinking it was a nurse, I was stricken speachless to look up and see my Mom coming into my room. It moved me to tears then, and again as I write this note. God knew just what I needed most.....Mom. Even at 52, I still needed my Mom.

My Mom's face was the most amazing thing I ever saw.  
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