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Coconut Queen
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I've finished the game and played all the levels, so can anybody tell me how to unlock all the buildings? Does anybody know what's up with that? I have just one more building to unlock and have no idea how to do this. Anywhoo still fun to play, but would like some answers.  
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why on earth is there STILL no sequel?! The creators promised one if enough interest was shown, and it was one of the top games in 2009!
We love the game, give us the lousy sequel! These things take time but heck, it's been 2 years! I've been waiting for the sequel literally since
the game was first released. I replay it every few months and every time get more and more irritated at the cliffhanger and current lack of a
Coconut Queen 2. Did all the artists get hit by a bus, or what?  
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Is there going to be a Coconut Queen 2?  
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i dont think so, i remember googling it a while back and i read that they didn't make enough money from the first - didn't even make their costs back apparently - so no sequel  
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