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Does anyone remember the Cisco Kid? I watched that and Kimba (cartoon show) when I was growing up in El Paso TX. I also remember watching Flipper and Gentle Ben.

As a teen, friday nights I got to stay up late and watch Johnny Carson. No one can replace him! OMG another show that I absolutely loved was the Carol Burnett show. Just watching them crack each other up was so hilarious! Favorite of all time sketches, Tim Conway as the dentist, poking himself with novacaine and watching Harvey Korman absolutely lose it while sitting in the dentist chair!!!  
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what about the cosbey show??  

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anyway thanks for all the memories a bit of trivia here bet you don't know who capt kangaroo was in another show? lol i do.
and do you remember the shari lewis show with lamb chop lol, kukla, fran and ollie? they would so krack me up. wonderama?
flip wilson show, how about this oldie the andy devine show,
winky dink and you, you would get a plastic and put it on the tv screen
and when he needs to escape you would draw a line or something.
lone ranger clayton moore and tonto. real indian btw. all this stuff you can get from netflix.
rama of the jungle. i read online his mom was a tahitian princess for real. he did a wonderful movie called:the hurricane with dorothy lamoor.
how bout this:roncky jones space ranger used too love the music on that netflix has that also. science fiction theatre the originall
ONE STEP BEYOND great stuff that show.  
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Three Stoogies , the Lucie show, Carrol Bernet Show , I dream of Jenie, the Munsters , the Adams Family, the Shari Show, and The Beverly Hillbillies, Adam 12, Giligans Isle.
man are y'all talking about some old shows that I remember  
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