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Random Facts You'll Never Need to Know
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Gotta go with justhank on this one...1324 Fahrenheit is correct...since I couldn't find my calculator, I checked an online conversion site...either way, that is too hot!...now I wonder where that darn calculator went...  
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Hey, Jewel, your calculator must be rounding up, because your figures would put the formula at F=2xC+32. I have to go with justhank and momaie.

so........ -1C=30.2F  

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ahhhh, i love being right. i have made one mistake though .................. once i thought i was wrong.

i'm kiddding, i make lots of mistakes, just ask the moderators. thanks to those who validated my math.

................................................ not justhank  
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Ahhh....To err is human. To forgive divine. lol

Thanks y'all..Especially em who has prompted me to look over all my calculations on my scientific calculator....If you don't hear from me for a while, You know what I will be doing....lol lol lol. Okay. 1+2=42%of 7 to the third power*divided by the root.....Aargh  
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Hey, jewel. Don't ya just adore the "clear" button on your calculator. Sometimes, I have to use it more than the number keys. lol  
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SO HILLARIOUS!!!!!!!!! I cant think of one  
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My favorite metric - British Unit conversion site is here: World Wide Metric. It seems to take a while to load but to me, it's worth the wait.

••• MaryBeth
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lionesss24 wrote: you can't lick yer elbow

Some people can.  
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spiders have clear blood  
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The human nose never stops growing!Oh dear...lol  
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silky23 wrote:The human nose never stops growing!Oh dear...lol

Neither do the human ears.  
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There's no such thing as a "poisonous" snake!

"poisonous" & "venomous" are not the same thing, even though poison & venom are both toxins.

Venom is a toxin that must be injected by a bite or a sting... think snakes, scorpions, bees, spiders & many fish.

Poison is a toxin that must be absorbed through the skin (touched) or ingested (eaten)... think mushrooms / toadstools, plants (poison ivy, poison oak, hemlock), amphibians (frogs, toads & salamanders) & some fish
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This is a random fact that's actually quite useful: Google has some interesting features. For instance, for those who were merrily converting things last year, type "-40 C in F" into the Google search box and see what happens.

Another nifty Google trick is to enter the USPS, UPS, or FedEx tracking number into the search box (just the number). It will bring up a link to the tracking info from the correct carrier.

I'll think up some useless random facts soon, I promise.  
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We were just discussing the formula for converting C to F earlier in a wordscape game! Mexigogo said muliply x2 +30. I said I thought it was a bit more complicated than that. And then tonight I checked this forum (which I never do) and see this!

Such Synchronicity!  
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sophidia wrote:great word too great for wordscape

Another great word for Wordscape or Scrabble or to actually hav a word @ hand that uses "W" as a vowel~~ CRWTH ~~ it's an archaic Welsh stringed instrument, in case you are required to answer a challenge.  
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And undoubtably pronounced "krooth". My fave is cwm, a valley, in particular a glaciated valley (pron. coomb). a-e-i-o-u-and-sometimes-y-and-w.

I remember asking my elementary school teacher (1st or 2nd grade, probably) when "w" was a vowel and she said she didn't know. One of my first experiences with having an Adult of Authority tell me they didn't know something. I suspect most of the rest just made stuff up when I asked questions. But I remember another elementary school teacher, about 4th or 5th grade, who was teaching us fractions. "When you cut a piece of paper exactly in two, you have two pieces, each half as big!" she said. "When you cut each of those in two, you have four pieces, each one fourth as big as the first piece!" So I raised my hand and asked if you kept cutting and cutting, wouldn't you end up with a gagillion pieces (I didn't know about infinity) all of which were nothing big? She scowled and said, "Don't be silly, you can't cut that small!" and made me stand in the corner for impertinence. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say she was overworked and had no time to teach math on two levels, or chemistry at all, but the punishment was uncalled for.  
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The company that makes the most tyres in the world is......LEGO !!  
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