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What is your Favorite Movie?
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shadow77749 wrote:my top 10:
1. Big Daddy (Absolutely LOVE Adam Sandler)
2. Shrek (I like all of them, but the 1st one is my fave)
3. Interview With A Vampire
4. Mulan (I love disney's movies....)
5. Armaggedon
6. Ghost
7. Titanic (the one with Leonardo DiCaprio. I had to throw that in there cuz you guys don't seem to realize there's an older one. I forget who's in it, but it was made in like 1980 I think. I could be wrong about the year. But just so you know, there's two)
8. Avatar
9. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (not to be confused with CHARLIE and the chocolate factory, with Johnny Depp. I don't care for that one.)
10. The Harry Potter series (being more specific, the 4th one. I also like the books)
oh yeah adam sadlers the best love his films  
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justhank wrote:for me, it's got to be "Gladiator" .......... Russel Crowe (as Maximus, General of the Roman Army). I always cry at the end. DON"T LAUGH! He gets reunited with his son in the end (in the elysian fields, but still reunited), I have a son that i haven't seen in many years. I'll leave out the joke about the "happy Roman"

close second is "The Big Fish". Albert Finney as Edward bloom teller of tall tales. Soooooooo funny. I cried at the end of this one too. so will you, so shut up.

Tied for second, is " V for Vendetta " . because i am "V".

honorable mention: "Being John Malcovich"

................... not justhank
gladiators brilliant!!!!!!!! + the soundtracks amazing x  
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My favs are:
1. Titanic
2. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
3. Jurassic Park (You might be scared of this)
4. Le Francais (I like this because i see french vids at school, yes i am a kid (a boy kid).)
5. Scissorhands
6. Pokemon (I like the games too)
7. Cats and Dogs.  
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newst one is les mebae  
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the titanic and hunger games  
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My favorite movies are
All Quentin Tarantino Movies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
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All of the Star Trek movies
All of the Star Wars
All of the Tyler Perry's movies
All of the M.I.B. movies
Happy Feet 1 & 2
Weak End at Bernies bouth of them
All of the Santa Clause movies
Night at the Mesiume 1 & 2
National Terasure 1 & 2
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One of my favorite movies is

"Diary of a mad black woman "
"Bad Grandpa" is good
Steele Magnolia's""
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My favorites are:

Glory with Matthew Brodervick
The Music Man with Matthew Brodervick
Kung Fu Panda with Jack Black
The Nightmare before Christmas
The Corpse Bride
Oz the Great and Powerful
Beauty and The Beast
The Page Master  
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I'll have to say the movie "DAVE" with Kevin Kline and Segourney Weaver....you may call me soft but I love a great romatic Comedy
I would have to agree with Boscorelli1 on Sabrina with Harrison Ford and Julia Osmond <-------- she make my heart throb.

My favorate all time western would have to be Tombstone with Kirt Russell and Val Kilmer who in my oppinion was his greatest acting role ever! My favorite line in that movie was delivered by Kilmer who made the whole movie.."I'll be your hunkleberry"...Classic!

I also loved Kevin Spacey in K-Pax, a must see Drama with Jeff Brigdes. Great Movie  
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alien ghost busters.  
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Wall Street, The Talented Mr Ripley and Naked Prey  
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