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Which is better: Vegetable
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I like asparagus, carrots, and spinich. I'm not a big fan of beets...blech. But mostly all veggies are good!  
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I love all of them except for asparagus. As my
Grandpa says whenever he eats something
vile: "It makes my eyes cross."  
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i like lettuce, green beans, cucombers  
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I would choose spinach...it´s so all around.  

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jade12472 wrote:
Wingman36 wrote:Whats a radish?
A radish is a round, red, and inside it's white. When you bite into it some say they're hot! I would advice you not to attempt eating them. I think they were made more for women because they are more into round, red, hot items.lol. It might kill the image of being cool. lol

radishes are amongst the vegies that seem to hate me~my son calls them hot dirt.

Something wonderful to try before condeming~~~bacon cucumber(the long hot house ones are best) sandwiches yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy  
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