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Which of these three sports is your favorite?
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~~~~~~~~~Football~~~~~~~~~Soccer~~~~~~~~~~or Baseball~~~~~~~~~~~ please let me know!

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Count me in for Football as my favorite out of the three sports. I am also a huge college basketball fan as well.  
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PeggyEMI, we must be long lost sisters.... cause my fave is football, both college and NFL. My second fave is college basketball. I go nuts for March Madness. Not really interested in NBA.

Baseball too slow. I get busy talking to someone, or doing something else, and miss the play. haha

Never have cared much for soccer. Not realy popular when I was a kid. Son played it one year, but never did get really into it.  
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is this a trick question?
footbal is soccer but with your hands. and soccer is football with with no hands right? baseball is ok if you are playing , not if you are watching.
i would rather watch women's tennis or gymnastics ......football, but only the cheerleaders.  
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I like football the most because baseball is boring to watch but fun to play. i've never realy watched or played soccer so that counts that sport out. I do play volleyball, softball and gymnastics so they r tecnicly my favorites.  

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I would have to choose soccer because it gets your legs woken up and it provides good foot aiming and accuracy. You have to be fast, strong, and agile to kick it all the way to the goal without having the ball stolen. Soccer was one of my favorite sports when I was in high school. I never really challenged people off the field, but my mom always said to me, "practice needs more practice or else you won't succeed". Since I found more time after school back in the days after completing homework, I usually practice with two plastic pots representing a goal and the "soccer field" as the yard. I got better and I found myself playing in the schoolwide soccer tournament. Our team didn't win, but it was a LOT of fun for me.

I'm not very interested in baseball or football, but my husband is a massive football fan by heart.
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I like Soccer, its my favorite sport. My husband plays soccer and its fun to watch and play.  
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Baseball is so BORING... I like both Soccer & Football, but I guess Football is my favorite because it have a lot of great memories to go with it.
Plus I like the uniforms... lol  
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i like MMA. so none of the above?  
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Def football...NFL--NY Jets fan for 32 years!!! Never been into soccer and lost interest in baseball a while ago.  
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Football for sure.  
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It goes like this ,football ,baseball,at the bottom soccer. Because that the way i row.  
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I love playing football. As i was a captain of a football team.  
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