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Dream Day: True Love
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Discover one couple's real-life romance spanning 70 years! For Bill and Helen, true love began during WWII and blossomed into a lifetime of romance. Sift through 7 decades of actual photographs, letters and keepsakes, as you discover their story.

Travel around the globe as you prepare an amazing anniversary celebration. Restore romantic photos from their early courtship, gather the flowers that united them when separated by war, collect special gifts, and discover a timeless tale of everlasting love hidden in the pages of a vintage scrapbook.

Featuring clever seek & find challenges, brain-teasing adventure puzzles, original mini-games and, for the first time ever: a true love story revealed through actual photographs and keepsakes!

Category: Hidden Object
Release Date: 1/2/2011

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Not sure if it's me or the Dream Day games, but although I love the others, I found this one boring.
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Having problem finding the 12th wrong thing in the baseball picture.
Can anyone help me Please  
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I can't find the 12th wrong thing in the baseball picture!!!
Someone please help!  

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I know the forum is mostly for help finishing the game, but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this game. I'm a fan of the Dream Day games, but I have to say this is such a wonderful story line for the game that it keeps you involved. Job well done Dreamday team.
Reviews about the games in the Game Discussion topics are always welcome... Dee, volunteer moderator  

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I almost fell over when I saw the couple's name...that's my maiden name!!! And the story is very close to my parents' marriage! They're both gone now, so this story really touched my heart. Thanks so much for the game!!!  
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I cant get past the "cleaning the silverware" part. any suggestions?  
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got past the silverware -- can't get past the old invitation or whatever it is. Have to clean it same way? Would love to finish the game but cant finish this part.  
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ok I am having problems, not sure what i am doing wrong...I am in the area where you plant the flowers got them planted and not sure what else there is to do....have a cork and a wateing can..im stuck  
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I am at the part where the fuses are blown. Have found five of them but can't find the last five. Can anyone help, please?
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I'm stuck on the 10th anniversary baseball pic! Cannot find last difference. I got:
cloud, baseball, rip in page, darker cap, belt, words missing in book, dark stripe, extra trees, long pant leg, cap added, photo signature.
What's the 12th diff??  
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i'm stuck. no "helP" to click on. can't even check "tutorial"...it is uncheckable. i have a watering can and a cork in collection on left but there is no where to get seeds.  
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I have played this game several times and managed to complete all the tasks. As far as finding all the mistakes in the basball picture, it's always different but still are repeats. So I can't help with that. Polishing the silverware I found usually works the third time, but last time it says that you're holding your mouse down too long so I let up and press it again. Same goes for scribbling the pencil over the faint letters. Can't remember where the seeds are but I will play the game again and see. I know this topic is extremely old but I had a question in case anyone reads this. At the end of the game there are two locked boxes. I opened the first one which led to a hidden object search in the box. After that, to open the second box it says you have to go back and find all the hidden objects in the book. I did it again and cannot figure out where to get a key.  
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