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Kudos To Good Deeds
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We all hear complaints about problems we have with games, hotel, etc. So, I just wanted to take the time to give a little praise to our iWin support staff.

I worked hard to earn enough opals to open a new floor. I got it decorated just right, hit the "BUY" button, and became the proud owner of a neat little carnival room. Pleased with my purchase, I moved on to the forum to check out the day's posts. Before shutting down, I went back to my newly decorated room to admire my work. Much to my surprise, my room was bare, and there I stood in my underwear. I immediately filed a support ticket, explained my problem, and waited for a response. It only took a few days, but my opals have been credited back to my account. Now, I can go re-decorate my room, so we can celebrate Memorial Day at the carnival.

We all tend to complain when something goes bad.... let's not forget to offer praise when something good happens. That's one of the things I like most about our little iWin community. We recognize good deeds.

Anyone else want to offer kudos to someone here??? Doesn't have to be a big deal. A simple act of kindness deserves recognition. As we see it in one another, it will grow.  
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I would like to express my appreciation for the Volunteer Moderators. They took on the "job" to help others, and get mostly complaints when they ask us to simply read the posts & support info. Hopefully Mary Beth will return, if only to play and decorate.
Thank you mods  
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ladies, i agree..... if it wasn't for a certain ex-moderator, i'd be sitting in san diego .... alone.
But as fate would have it, i met the love of my life here on Iwin. .... and made some cool friends on the way!


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