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Do you look like someone famous?
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well I don't look like anyone famous but I have been told I have the same sense of humour as Roseanne...that could be a compliment?
btw: I love the way I look but if I could look like anyone it would be Elizabeth Taylor or Katherine Hepburn. (in their prime!)


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Hmmm difficult question PhLily lol. I never saw it myself but in my younger years some compared me to Cheryl Teiggs (spelling?), the little blonde who took Farra Faucets place on Charle's Angels when she left. During my wilder goth years every said I looked like Stevie Nicks. LOL I wish but I think they just said it because of the wicked black gypsy dresses and boots I wore with my long blonde hair. As far as fairy tale characters Im always nicknamed goldie locks or repunzal lol. I sure would not want to be her but I have always envied Marilyn Monroe's pictue perfect image.  
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In my younger days, I was compared to Lita Ford, Loni Anderson (I wish!) and Lisa Whelchel. Loretta Swit, too. I would LOVE to look like Brigid Turner, or Michelle Pfeiffer.  
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More than once I've been mistaken by children for Jesus. It's so cute to hear the child ask, "Mommy, is that Jesus?" & then I hear the mother say "Sshh no" as she walks quickly away with with the child & an embarrassed red face! I just smile at the child & nod my head - (CERTAINLY NOT as if to say Yes I'm Jesus, but only as a 'hi' gesture to the child.) I've also had a couple of Salvation Army (Bell Ringers) outside grocery/department stores ask me if I would like to play Jesus in their play. I really appreciate the great comparison that is given to me & I guess it makes me feel really proud that I'm looked at that way! I certainly feel that I can't get any higher compliment than that & yet it humbles me.....  
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