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Guardian Dragons
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Experience the story of Falko Loffler's fantasy novel. You will meet dragons, demons, heroes, and mythical creatures. Play as Seld Esan, who does everything in his might to save his people. He unravels the mysteries of a baffling prophecy that seems to decide his fate.

Category: Hidden Object
Release Date: 3/13/2012

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I have to diagree with some of the coments maded about this game I was able to get to the hint and skip botton I have not finich the game but I did like it very much I did not lissen to the sound I always turn it off the rest was very good  
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I would have liked this game except for the lack of direction. Love anything with dragons normally but too difficult to figure out what is supposed to be done in a 60 minute trial.  
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i can't get last cog out of building that gcrane to operate. any help  
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how do get past the library maze??  
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