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Farewell, Dick Clark, and thanks for all the music!
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The music and the dancing... you shaped our culture.

Dick Clark (1929-2012) host of "American Bandstand". RIP.  
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He'll be missed, for sure! RIP <33333
I grew up watching American Bandstand.  
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so did i and all the great new years specials
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Ages ago, i actually went to American Bandstand with Jr. High friends. After school, we would hop on the trolley, then the El to get to the studio in Philly. We got tickets about once a month during the school years, and had a grand time. The only talent we saw in person, that i can remember, was Paul Anka. He launched so many careers. Thank you, Dick Clark, for enriching my youth. <3  
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Ah, that's so sad! Another part of my youth gone... Somehow, I still felt young as long as Dick Clark was still around with that voice of his! Guess it had to happen sometime but still a sad day.

Joanie, Paul Anka grew up not far from where I did! Such a great voice in such a cute body...well, at least when he was a teenager !  
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Dee, We met Paul Anka in Kyoto touring a Temple. It was mid-summer, very humid and his wife who was 9 1/2 months pregnant looked cool as a cucumber, so beautiful. My Mom, who was visiting us at the time, gently touched Paul's shoulder, then g'iggled "I just touched Paul Anka !" That was a result of The World's Oldest Teenager" influence. Thank you again, Dick Clark

Mod Team; sorry for being off-topic  
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ah yess, Dick Clark, American Bandstand, what innocent times~
Corny Cornielius, of Soul Train fame just passed a few months ago as well. But with th "music" these days they wouldn't hav fit anymore, in MY humble opinion, anyway

Good bye to yet another era~  
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RIP, to the "youngest teenager" who shared the music of our young generation. This cultural icon became a part of our history,as we sat glued to our TV sets.mr. Clark,all your fans love and miss you  
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