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Witch's Pranks - Frog's Fortune Premium Edition
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Long ago there lived an evil witch who decided that she must marry a prince. In order to do so, she'd need to find one that wasn't already engaged to a beautiful princess, which was a very rare commodity. It was then when a seed of a plan germinated in her sinister soul - any prince that would reject her she would turn into a frog! Surely the fear of being turned into an amphibian would convince some prince he should break off his engagement and marry the witch! Help the bewitched princes escape from the witch, reach their brides and cure the spell with a kiss of true love.

-Charismatic 3D characters
-Audacious humor
-Magnificent soundtrack
-Dozens of original brain-twisters
-3 difficulty levels

Category: Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure (HOPA)
Release Date: 4/20/14

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* Please note that all release dates are tentative and subject to change.  
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will there be additional witch's pranks games. If so I can not wait. the way this game ended left mewanting more of the game to play  
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artic819bear, you'd be better off asking the developer of the game. There's a splash screen as you start the game that tells you who it is. I didn't see anything on their website but they have an impressive list of games to their credit. Not impressively long, but impressive in that they're good games. I've played some here on iWin.  
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