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Anna's Ice Cream

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Create an ice cream paradise!

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Game Description

In Anna's Ice Cream, help Anna show her kindly uncle that he doesn’t need to sell his life's dream - Ice Cream Island - to his cruel competitors when he retires. As Anna, you will run an ice cream paradise on a beautiful tropical island with six ice cream bars located in different amusement areas and challenge your entrepreneurial skills in this fun and fast paced game! Make delicious ice creams with a large assortment of flavors, toppings and decorations and serve many different quirky customers. Blend new ice cream flavors in the mini-game and upgrade your ice cream bar to make your customers happier and increase your profits. Visit the circus and train your monkeys’ different tricks to further entertain your customers! Anna's Ice Cream is a charming game of crazy ice cream making fun!

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  • by anonymous on Sep 13, 2010

    good site thanks for plays annas ice cream kichthen etc. thanks again See more See less

  • by Medbie on Aug 19, 2010

    Overall it's an average time management game with cartoonish graphics. You play as Anna, making ice cream treats with the help of her two moneky pals, as you work your way through the park. It gets a bit repetive though and I lost interest in it about half way through. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Jul 26, 2010

    one of the worst games graphics are aweful. Gameplay is slow and overall I'd rather set in front of the TV. See more See less

  • by cris1234567 on May 29, 2010

    This is a cute game, but sometimes it's so annoying trying to get expert on levels, and the customers get mad way too fast. See more See less

  • by ppineapple on Sep 20, 2009

    I love ice cream tycoon games, this was about one of them. The best part for me in the game was when you get to create the ice cream flavor that is the best to the judges. The thing that is lacking was the patience by the characters, the character's moods changed really fast. This was a pretty average game of the similar things I see in Ice Cream Tycoon. See more See less

  • by 2kitten66 on May 22, 2009

    sometimes the sounds that keepgoing on and on that do the samething over and over get very annoying See more See less

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