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Cake Shop

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Serve yummy cake to your customers!

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Game Description

Manage a Cake Shop and serve yummy cake and other tasty treats! Assemble layer cakes for your customers and serve them other goodies like coffee, cotton candy and ice cream. The quicker you are, the better your tip! Use your funds to buy improvements and equipment for the shop, or to build a gorgeous house for yourself! Cake Shop will make you hop!

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  • by anonymous on Aug 05, 2011

    Why is cake shop 2 free, and not 1 ?? that is so anoying ! See more See less

  • by ppvjeep on Jul 24, 2011

    More like Dessert Shop. Good game, needs a little work. Don't forget to build from the bottom of the cake up. Upgrades are nice, but are tedious after awhile. See more See less

  • by Exquisitivee on Jul 04, 2011

    This game is amazingly fun, it really is. Though the concept seems much too easy and slow paced, this game will keep you on your toes, or fingers! If you like the relaxed mode in Burger Shop, this will definitely be your favorite. New upgrades in the shops come fast, and the house building gives it all a nice boost. The only bad thing is that this game is a bit too easy, as well as short. I can finish the whole game in a few hours, and I am proud to say I've completed it twice! See more See less

  • by turkey2001 on Apr 30, 2011

    this game us great if you have any free time play this game See more See less

  • by Morghyn on Apr 18, 2011

    This game is ok. As others said, the cake designs don't change at all, and it makes it a little boring because of it. The whole game is really easy because there isn't that much change. You just get a little faster each level. Very boring game, i recommened the 60 minute trail, or playing with ads. But i definitly wouldn't purchase. See more See less

  • by LUCKYDUCK1300 on Feb 02, 2011

    One of the best time management games out there! a lot like burger shop, but you get to build her house step by step. i like the clock on the wall that is the timer. the charachters do look a little silly. See more See less

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