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Furry, loveable puzzle action

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Game Description

Chuzzles are googly-eyed little balls of fur that giggle, squeak, and sneeze as you poke and push them across the board. Once you start popping Chuzzles, you might not be able to stop!

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  • by Estivale on Feb 01, 2015

    Chuzzle is an addictive game with tons of modes... classic, speedy, mindbender, and zen. The graphics are extraordinarily cute, the gameplay was challenging, yet balanced, and the overall game was weirdly addicting - though the sound can get quite annoying. Time passes by quickly with this game! I would definitely recommend you buy this if you're looking for a satisfying yet simple time-filler - it's worth it! See more See less

  • by Terry_Rutledge on Jul 26, 2012

    I am so addicted to this game! lol It's fun and keeps me on my toes. Their expressions are funny and they're just darned cute. See more See less

  • by flordiadreamer on Apr 04, 2012

    i like this game when other games take me my limit i come play chuzzle to relax and enjoy See more See less

  • by Splendorous on Jan 28, 2012

    The graphics were nice, the gameplay was challenging in a balanced way, and it was a fun game for me overall. In this game, you basically click and drag lines of these "chuzzles" into groups of 3 or more. There are multiple game modes such as classic, speedy, mind bender, and zen. Each of them are fun, and this game is also weirdly addicting - though the sound is a bit annoying. You can just totally find yourself playing this game for hours on end, and you wouldn't even notice! If this game isn't boring for you, you should definitely buy it as it's worth it for the amount of hours capable of being played. See more See less

  • by keyser13 on Jan 19, 2012

    Played this game a long time ago. Decided to play it again. Just as fun now as before. Didn't have sound on. Give it a try! See more See less

  • by dayne5 on Oct 04, 2011

    this game is the bomb the greatest game i evered -layed See more See less

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