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Escape from Lost Island

Average Rating 50 player reviews ( 3.7 out of 5.0 )

Stay alive and escape from Lost Island.

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Game Description

It’s a fight to stay alive. Your cruise ship went down, and although you survived, your nightmare isn't over. You must now withstand the dangers of the uncharted Lost Island...and eventually make your way back to safety. Use your wits and hidden object skills to find shelter, avert pirates, and signal for help. Can you overcome each death-defying challenge and escape from Lost Island?

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  • by anonymous on Jan 23, 2012

    i hated the game is sucks rell bad i ahte this game f u c k i hate See more See less

  • by hyperapril on Sep 06, 2011

    Liked the game. Story was not that good. Graphics were good. Game was somewhat challenging. See more See less

  • by patchqueen on Aug 29, 2011

    For a younger crowd. not so much hidden object as inter-action required. See more See less

  • by foxblue90 on Aug 08, 2011

    The game was good until about the fourth or fith level then the game decidid I was not alowed to continue. See more See less

  • by Junebug541 on Jul 03, 2011

    The Game was fun. Wasn't so easy as to make it boring . Some of the scenes had so many things in the dark that you needed more hints than other scenes. But overall not a bad game. See more See less

  • by ILONESA on Jun 28, 2011

    It quite a nice game with nice graphics a good storyline. Sometimes I did not know what to do next, it takes a lot of thinking. See more See less

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