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Show off your Eye for Design! After attending the most prestigious interior design academy in Paris, and graduating at the top of her class, Halle is ready to take the next step; starting her own business. Design and decorate ultimate dream homes for Halle’s stylistically demanding clientele - from single-room studio apartments to elaborate multi-room mansions - while choosing from hundreds of colorful, uniquely chic accessories and pieces of furniture in this challenging, puzzle-filled adventure. With guidance from her arrogant mentor Armand, help Halle build her reputation in the interior decorator community and achieve her goal of decorating the world-famous Lord Schmedly’s Manor. To reach the top, it’s going to take a lot of hard work, patience, and most of all, an Eye for Design™!

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  • by Casandra0515 on Oct 25, 2013

    The only thing is if you get stuck in a room because you can't fit everything in it. There should be a hint button or something so you can move on. In one room I tried putting the furniture in every way I could think of and I still kept having one piece that I just couldn't figure out where it went. So naturally, you can't move on until you get every piece in the room. Very good game other than that. Not sure if I will get to finish it or not. I will wait a few hours and go back to it and see what I can do. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Jul 13, 2012

    i wont to be free games it is a good and great games , it is a fanny and sweet games pelese i wont to be a free free games thank you See more See less

  • by hayzeindiguise on Aug 17, 2011

    It wasnt very fun at all. Plus there's HORRIBLE music . As for the graphics, they could've been ALOT better. The game overall, is crappy. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Jul 25, 2011

    This game was SO COOL! The only thing is that you only get to place the furniture in designated spots. Also the time felt very short!I reccommend this game to beginning interior designers and hope you enjoy this game! See more See less

  • by lovealot74 on Mar 02, 2011

    its cute but not as good as home sweet home by far. See more See less

  • by RONIN4 on Nov 26, 2010

    yo im the badest in this game yo,i go hard core,i wish i could slap them personly See more See less

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