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Golden Path of Plumeboom

Average Rating 9 player reviews ( 4.6 out of 5.0 )

Help Plumeboom find the treasure!

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Game Description

Plumeboom the Peacock of Orniland has discovered an ancient map that promises a trove of riches to whomever is brave and clever enough dismantle all the magnetic locks that stand in the way of the treasure. Shoot and match colored orbs that surround the spinning magnetic lock. Clear all the orbs to move on to the next lock. Sounds simple? Perhaps, but did we mention the spinning?!?

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  • by ahhgoosh on Apr 03, 2010

    interesting twist on the match 3/marble shooting games. the way the board spins makes it really challenging, but not so much so that it's impossible. not bad at all. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Aug 01, 2008

    I loved this game. 5 stars all around. I would recommend this game to all. See more See less

  • by stramala on Jan 10, 2008

    I helps relax me after a long day. Popping those balls is like popping all my stress. I bought it. I love it. Fun and challenging. See more See less

  • by peg1954 on Jan 05, 2008

    I really like this game and the changes of the patterns keep it interesting. See more See less

  • by brendaob2 on Nov 27, 2007

    It was a great game to play. Everything is always different See more See less

  • by Acidd on Nov 05, 2007

    Totally hook on the game, love everything about it, I have lost count how many time I have played the game, it's a shame there are not more levels. I have found there is a skill in where to place the ball for the right hit. I don't know if I am a sad person but I'm a 52 yrs old lady and I just love the game overall. There IS a skill to getting out quick. And yes, every chance I get I am on the computer playing. See more See less

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