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Grandmaster Chess Tournament

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A chess game for everyone!

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Game Description

Grandmaster Chess Tournament was made with old pros, intermediate players and novices in mind. Experts will appreciate the challenge of playing against the computer at one of the higher difficulty levels. Intermediate players will enjoy using hints to learn new tactics. And novices can begin their training with the tutorial. All players will take pleasure in the game's sophisticated artificial intelligence and superior graphics. Grandmaster Chess Tournament could be the last chess game you'll ever need.

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  • by jarestar on Jan 13, 2011

    i also enjoyed thid game but on the second game it was down to me to get a queen back with this just as i had him corneres, it came up as being a stailmate for no reson See more See less

  • by monkeyPFC on Apr 29, 2009

    This looked promising, but within 30 mins of trial, the computer opponent made an illegal move by moving its king into check , which then promptly crashed the game. Graphics not that brilliant, can not find how to tilt the 3d board, if possible. 2d looks terrible and colours not contrasting well. If you are looking for a good chess game from Iwin then go for ChessMaster Challenge, a lite version of the renowned CHessmaster series. See more See less