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A wacky water adventure

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Game Description

Adapted from the hit web game, Insaniquarium Deluxe features twenty new levels in four unique fish tanks.

Buy fish, upgrade your weapons, and unlock secret pets as you explore this captivating underwater world. Then stock your virtual tank with fish to create your own personal screensaver!

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  • by Estivale on Feb 01, 2015

    It didn't take me long to realize that Insaniquarium is NOT a misnomer! This game is perfect for all ages, and its fresh, fun concept include taking care of fish, fighting aliens, and collecting coins - mostly taking the form of insane amounts of clicking. The graphics were gorgeous (considering the game's release date), and the sound seemed to fit the game well. There are multiple game modes, a screensaver, and even a virtual tank in which you can have your own personal aquarium. Overall, this game was very enjoyable to play since it was not too repetitive and constantly kept me on my toes. I would definitely recommend you purchase it! See more See less

  • by sweetmagnolia403 on Oct 13, 2013

    i am a member i am loged in and it says that the free trial has expired and i bought the game it still will not let me play please help me! See more See less

  • by qshooter1 on Sep 09, 2012

    if you get the gold or silver trophy press up up down down left right left right b a then you can play sandbox mode and discover it you can press q to the double period for pets capital a s d and f for special pets 1 to 8 for fish and z to m for aliens hope you have fun and happy aquaruming iwin games and everyone on it! See more See less

  • by binkiej on Jul 08, 2012

    I really just wanna play this game stop asking me questions See more See less

  • by Splendorous on Jan 28, 2012

    Upon playing this game for the first time , I absolutely adored it . It was fun and fresh , as I have never played a game that involved taking care of fish AND fighting aliens at the same time . The graphics were pretty nice (for the game's released date - it really couldn't have been any better) , and the sound fit the game well . After awhile , playing the game became tiring because of the huge amount of clicking overall . However , it was all worth it at the end . With it's multiple game modes and even a virtual tank and screensaver , this game was very fun and I would definitely suggest you purchase it . See more See less

  • by patapon3 on Sep 16, 2011

    cool game bought it an finish it and you can get sanbox mode but you must finish the game (and get a silver/gold tropy) ten use the key board ddownes and rightes use the arow like this up2x down2x left right left right b,a than u thiscover the sanbox mode (dont use caps lock or somethings is not avaible) the avaible is q-l is pet and z-m is alien if you se the thing watch propely cuz some time the aliens gouse out it self please rte my help See more See less

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