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Help appreciative customers to find their missing items.

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Game Description

While exploring your new home, an abandoned farmhouse, you discover a strange machine. The manual claims it is a mind reading device, created in 1925 by an A. J. Penburry. Put the machine to good use, and earn enough money to renovate your new home!

Memorabilia is a hidden object game in which you help customers find their missing items by locating and piecing together memory fragments. Use your match-3 skills to create fun and helpful power ups, including Multi Hint, Clarifying Glass and Declutter. With the help of your grateful customers, you'll soon restore and decorate your new home.

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  • by joigasum on Aug 06, 2010

    Unlike most of the ratings and views from others,I did not like the game. I thought it was a little young for me. I didn't like the graphics, I didn't like the stop and go due too all the rules. See more See less

  • by aprilclove on Aug 04, 2010

    Graphics horrible. Extremely boring after a very short time. Not impressed with this one. See more See less

  • by galet09 on Aug 02, 2010

    I think this is probably the first HOG game I played for kids. I didn't realize that when I downloaded it. Far too easy to find the objects for adult, even the puzzles were so easy. What totally cinched it though that this was just for kids is one of the objects they named "shakers" instead of Maracas. See more See less

  • by cck1 on Jul 28, 2010

    a twist on the traditional hidden object game...almost too easy in relaxed mode...serious gamers need to play timed mode...relaxed mode is a good game to play if you're multi-tasking (watching tv, on the phone, etc.). See more See less

  • by jennsquirt on Jul 27, 2010

    MAJOR GLITCH right away. I never did get to play this game. The clickable fields - Play Now, Options, etc - were not programmed in line with where my cursor was placed, so to Exit, I had to place my cursor to the far right of the screen and wait for the field to light up. I wonder if anyone at iWin tests these things before they get released. See more See less

  • by maygan3 on Jul 27, 2010

    I really liked how there were different types of games incorporated into this one. However the graphics were awful and if you're going to market a game for the United States please please check your grammer and vocabulary!! That has to be one of my biggest annoyances in games. At one point it told me to look for a microphone, I reread it about 12 times, and I adventually used a hint and it was a microscope! It also had me look for a torch when it was a flashlight (they may serve the same purpose but are two very different things! The story moved a long slowly as well. But it was cute and enjoyed the variety. See more See less

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