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Million Dollar Quest

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Win a million dollars!

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Game Description

Sandra never had a lot of money. After a horrible car accident early in life, she landed in an orphanage, struggling with memory loss. Now an adult, Sandra answers an invitation to participate in a competition for one million dollars. The contest is exciting at first, involving trips all around the world, but becomes unsettling as numerous clues seem linked to Sandra's amnesia and lost childhood memories. Could someone be playing a mean trick, or will Sandra recover her past and gain one million dollars? Work your way through the game's twists and turns to find out!

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  • by ccoltz on Aug 15, 2011

    some more specific instructions would help, rather than just "look around". thank goodness the stuff you need to interact with will sparkle. some of the things you're looking for are very tiny and hidden behind other things. the music's pretty lame. the story is way far-fetched and there is a lot of dialogue. especially wierd is the african-american version of andrew dice clay who's driving a cab in beijing (lol, no kidding, that's what the charater looks like). See more See less

  • by PirateKimi on May 02, 2011

    I was really looking forward to enjoy this game and prove the reviews wrong, but THIS WAS TERRIBLE!!! I gave the game 3 tries to work, but no! It kept freezing up and when I finally got to the game, none of the items I clicked were accepted as an item that was needed to be found! For example, when I had to find a passport, I clicked the only thing that was a passport and only "x"es kept showing up!!!! They need to fix this game. See more See less

  • by Allalous on Apr 11, 2011

    This game reminded me of another gaem called Mushroom Age, which was/is a cool game. Kind of like the different types of puzzle and not just sticking with one type See more See less

  • by lovestrukkstarstrukk on Apr 03, 2011

    I agree with some other people that THE HINT BAR TOOK WAY TOO LONG TO LOAD!!! Also, the game was REALLY short! But the music was really pretty in the mini-games! See more See less

  • by monaakhtar on Apr 01, 2011

    the best game ever i love it alot i play all the time i'm completing it now adays her life is very good See more See less

  • by szwyd1 on Mar 28, 2011

    my mouse built in to my laptop will not work with and several win games I have purchased...cmp is new and no problems with any other sites! See more See less

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