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Protect the Kingdom of Whiteleaf from an invading orc horde.

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Game Description

Orczz is a fantasy tower defense game set in the Kingdom of Whiteleaf, famous for its delicious honey wine – the mead.

The player controls the Knights of the Order of the Mug - the protectors of Whiteleaf and the mead. Powerful in ancient times when recruits eagerly joined the order searching for fame and glory, the Order is nowadays a shadow of what it once was.

Generations of peace on Whiteleaf have made Kings and nobles see the Order as unnecessary, withdrawing the support they once had. But a new threat is coming to Whiteleaf, and only the crumbling castle of the Knights and its small band of recruits can stand in its way and save the mead. And Whiteleaf, of course.

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  • by christian13 on Nov 22, 2012

    Good game better than plants zombies!Nice graphics,good gameplay and sound. See more See less

  • by fsilver4 on Dec 02, 2011

    Practically impossible to advance in this game. My defenses are completely out weaponed. I don't mind that it is a slow game, but not being able to advance past level 23 is about as frustrating as trying to train a cat! See more See less

  • by Usly on Nov 22, 2011

    Too slow. If you want to make a Plants Vs. Zombies like game, try to improve on what they did, not make it boring and, well, just plain annoying. 20 minutes, thats all I could play. Some good tower defense would have been nice, since that was what I expected. Very poor. See more See less

  • by mwood999 on Nov 15, 2011

    First time I have ever reviewed, but I had to on this one. First this is not a tower defense game at all. I downloaded it just based on that. Second, the game is a horrible try at plants vs. zombies and fails miserably at that. The game was slow, boring and difficult. I only made it through 20 minutes before I had enough of this game. Try again developers, or then again.... DON'T! See more See less

  • by Lindel88 on Nov 15, 2011

    It was clow and like the other peoples reviews it was just a poorer verson of plants vs zombies. It wasn't fun or entertaining See more See less

  • by 2lou on Nov 13, 2011

    This one is a no no game, not very funny to play. It was mostly boring after a while. Who ever design this game, he really did a big mistake. See more See less

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