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Questerium: Sinister Trinity Collector's Edition

Average Rating 2 player reviews ( 3.0 out of 5.0 )

Defeat a mad scientist, rescue a pair of terrified children and save the city from an evil machine!

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Game Description

When a meteor lands in a tight-knit small town, the pillars of that community, the mayor, a banker, and a professor, each friends since childhood, take it upon themselves to investigate this chunk of space debris. The professor is quick to realize that this meteorite is producing a strange, unknown energy, and behind the back of the mayor, begins experimenting with it. With financing from the banker, the professor, Gustav, begins constructing a sinister machine that amplifies the energy emanating from the meteor, destroying the city and producing horrific mutations among the plants and animals. The mayor quickly evacuates the citizens of the town, but is unable to find 2 children. It's up to you, the investigator hired to work the case, to find the abandoned children, dismantle the machine, defeat and arrest the professor and save the city!

-Unlockable achievements
-20 secrets to uncover located in mysterious environments
-Design and tend to your own garden
-Haunting score

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  • by nancy6820 on Dec 07, 2013

    hard to rate this game as it wouldn't work after downloading. it froze the computer, the screen went black. had to reboot to start over. See more See less

  • by CyndiH on Nov 09, 2013

    You're a detective who has been sent out to rescue two children from a city that was evacuated due to a mad scientist. Game has beautiful graphics, interesting story line with real actors and movie like settings. You have 4 levels of game play, interactive map and secret items to find. This is a solid game which I was pleasantly surprised with. The only issue I have is the price - this game is offered as a SE on BGF, same exact game. Regardless of where you purchase it, its worth your time to play!! See more See less