Red Crow Mysteries: Legion

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Can you past the test and prove you are the one who will defend mankind when judgment day comes?

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  • by trichie1 on Aug 09, 2013

    Like others, I had the paint/lion issue as well. I couldn't paint the 3rd lion as it wouldn't let me back in. I liked the game enough to start over and will try again. See more See less

  • by 2292378214566103675 on Aug 08, 2013

    had to quit when I got to the lions. Couldn't continue after I got 2 and tried to do the third and couldn't continue. Quit the game See more See less

  • by cbrennen on Nov 22, 2012

    I've started this game twice and the same bug halted me both times. If you do not do the paint hearts right the first time, you can not re-approach the area - so you can not move forward. Very frustrating. See more See less

  • by EJ1243 on Nov 15, 2012

    the game its self is ok but its complecated can go only so far in it which is disapointing many types of games from the same creators some are complete crap while others are top notch See more See less

  • by CharlotteZimmerman on Nov 14, 2012

    I'm pretty good at this type of game but when the game lets you pick-up the 2 jigsaw painting pieces-but will not let you place them in the puzzle and locks up forget it. Even used a walkthrough to check that I was right on track. Forget it!! See more See less

  • by bailee911 on Nov 14, 2012

    nice game some what confusing at times when the game tells you to combine objects ( especailly the car) it won't let you combine the objects together you keeping on combing the objects and you get nothing and you you are stuck so you really can't get anywhere else with game I am not sure whether I would purchase this game See more See less

  • by 1topaz1 on Nov 12, 2012

    The game, in the hour I had was mostly about finding a way to get to another room. My game ended when I got to the car. I usually don,t use the walk throughs but maybe I should have? There is nothing to let you know if you need to Pick something up for inventory. You just have to just click on things randomly to see if you need to collect it.Hints recharged pretty quick but still weren't helpful. I've never used the hint button so many times in any game ever. TRUE! I like to figure things out myself. The mini games where fun. Not too hard, just a little time consuming. If it were free I might play a little more but I don't want to buy it even for 500 coins.Really not worth the effort. See more See less

  • by galet09 on Nov 09, 2012

    This is worst than many new games out. Because they don't help you enough when you have no idea what to do or where to go. Because of this the game drags if you are stuck. The hint system takes a bit to recharge and that is frustrating too plus when it does work it doesn't really help very much. All in all, a frustrating time waster game. See more See less

  • by ambr30 on Jun 15, 2012

    this game is pretty much a waste of time. commentary is very slow i can read faster than they speak, game seemed to end in the middle of the story. i beat this game in 3 hours. would have been shorter time but had to wait through story. See more See less

  • by k7259 on Jun 10, 2012

    do not play this game boo hiss was ok up to the lions would not let you go back to buckets to paint 3rd lion. very dissapointing See more See less