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Schoolmates: From Present to Past

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Help save a prince!

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Game Description

Where can one find a real prince? In the royal palace, at the tournament, or maybe at a ball, but certainly not inside your own wardrobe! Yet that's exactly the place where a young girl named Blondie bumps into prince Albert. He insists that he came into her time from the past and certainly wishes to return home. Blondie and her friends, Flex and Eva, have to help the unlucky traveler. Dangers and hardships, sorcery lessons and fortuneteller's prophecies, battles against the harpies and Albert's enemies' intrigues - all this awaits the girls. Will the young sorceress be able to withstand these trials? Will be they able to open the gates into the past and bring the prince back into his time?

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  • by cody105 on Dec 21, 2012

    All I have to say is that, even though it took forever in a day to play, I beat it. I was such a slow game, though. See more See less

  • by Amatiya on Feb 24, 2012

    I didn't think the game was bad at all. It's just tedious.I enjoyed it but I just wish the creators worked harder on it. (In every aspect) P.S I made a walkthrough for people who are stuck. Go to Forum. wildgames. com Click Gameplay help and walkthrough and look for the game. See more See less

  • by MKL1978 on Feb 22, 2012

    I have no idea how this game plays. I am unable to get it to play on my computer, my flash and everything is current. See more See less

  • by 6614620028991412399 on Dec 09, 2011

    Extremely frustrating that there is no kind of hint button whatsoever, or a walkthrough. Gameplay is slow, "help" from the other characters is laughable, and there's nowhere to turn if you get stuck. I couldn't find the a lost coin in one of the tasks and simply gave up. It's even worse when you know what you're looking for and after moving the mouse over ever inch of the screen you still can't find it, and there's just no help. Incredibly frustrating game. And the sound is ANNOYING. See more See less

  • by tkeeler2 on Dec 02, 2011

    yes its boring, but fun at the same time i am so bord right now See more See less

  • by fatenfawzy on Sep 05, 2011

    Please i need help.. i got stuck in the castle.. i found three stones and a letter telling me that I have to move the lever of the shell.. i don't know what to do next?? I keep try using the three stones with the shell or the rope-ladder but it's no use.. the web spell and invisibility spell also don't work.. Help please! See more See less

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