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Something Special let's you see America - and hidden objects - like never before: through the eyes of Zoe, a young woman seeking that Something Special. As her wacky Aunt Zandra gives her a push in the right direction - clear across the USA - join Zoe for a road trip to fascinating REAL landmarks located in our own backyards! The Lunchbox Museum, Cockroach Hall of Fame, Elvis Extravaganza and many more. Something Special is a light-hearted, bizarre, charming new take on America!

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  • by kat7711 on May 20, 2009

    This one is a very good game you travel around and also a finders game.New way to do the finders game and wonderful game. See more See less

  • by boo1ba on May 08, 2009

    I loved this game. I loved seeing attractions in different states. Very creative and very fun!!! See more See less

  • by shazzerb on May 07, 2009

    Ok, Something Special?? More like Something Boring. No fun with this game whatsoever, i was bored after 5 minutes. It's just a hidden objects game, with nothing more, nothing less. No extra hidden features, no bonuses, it's not even a timed game. Left me totally annoyed and frustrated. The game itself is bad enough, let's not go into the boring childlike graphics and the VERY annoying music, which can't be turned off or muted. Definitely one to avoid See more See less

  • by bailey8877 on May 05, 2009

    This is not the normal HOG game that most people like.I hated the music and there was no story line.This is one HOG game I will not buy. See more See less

  • by lookforit on May 05, 2009

    Excellent attention to detail. I loved the retro objects and the attention given to each level. I wanted my state to be on the map so badly, however, interesting, fun and historical. Excellent, informative and once again well done. I loved the trip back in time and revisiting some of the older objects from so long ago. The Elvis and the sign level are supurbe. Thanks I'Win for a trip back in time. See more See less

  • by goofyduck1 on May 05, 2009

    This is just a not a hidden object game if you are looking for excitement. Cartoonish graphics somewhat like Little Shop, music that gets irritating after awhile, no mini games, no fun extra items, nothing but locations to find objects. It does a better than average job of blending and disguising objects though. Some even without color and sometimes more than one item with the same description which means you have to find the right one. Offers easy, medium and hard play. No frills and nothing very entertaining unless you just want to find hidden objects and that is all. See more See less

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