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The Dracula Files

Average Rating 28 player reviews ( 2.6 out of 5.0 )

End Dracula's reign of terror!

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Game Description

Michael and Quinn Harker grew up thinking Dracula was nothing more than a fairy tale. But now, after over 100 years, the undead Count has risen from his grave as Vladimir Draco, thirsting for blood and revenge in The Dracula Files. Only the descendants of the Van Helsing and Harker families can stop him and save their friend before he is lost to the darkness forever. Search for cursed artifacts and holy relics, facing werewolves, vampires, and dark spirits in The Dracula Files, a globe-spanning Gothic hidden object adventure!

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  • by amosbabe on Feb 28, 2013

    graphics are realy bad would nor recomend would not byr never even lasted 20 min sorry See more See less

  • by darkfairy18 on Dec 04, 2011

    i loved the game yes some of your points are true but i am a big vampire fan See more See less

  • by wildrwitch on Oct 26, 2010

    Too much dialogue and way too short! They could have done a much better job with such a great subject. Average and on the verge of being a let down! See more See less

  • by galet09 on Aug 22, 2010

    It amazes me how some game creators make really good solid games and others are so chintzy and cheesy. I agree with other users about the poor graphics. There was a lot of dialog but one can click through it. If the graphics had been prime I might have been interested in the story, but the graphics are at least half of what makes a good game for me in a good HOG. Objects were hard to find period. See more See less

  • by Dehoros on Jun 28, 2010

    I really quite liked it, it's true that there is a bit of dialogue and it could be irritating to those who are short-tempered or impatient however those who like a storyline, I think you will like this game. See more See less

  • by ahabstrick1 on Jun 08, 2010

    I signed in, did half the first scene, and I'm outta here. Fuzzy graphics , can't make out what's what, and who made up the story? Too much to read, won't move out of the way and let you get on with it. Won't be interested to buy. See more See less

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