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The Great Gatsby: Secret Treasure

Average Rating 6 player reviews ( 3.3 out of 5.0 )

Uncover Gatsby's criminal past while searching for his hidden treasure.

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Game Description

The once-glamorous Gatsby Mansion is now wrecked and seemingly deserted. Judy, a talented architect, is given her dream job when she is asked to restore it to its former beauty. Just as she is about to begin, Gatsby's criminal past intrudes and she finds herself caught up in a kidnapper's scheme to discover the notorious socialite’s secret treasure. Immerse yourself in an adventure full of puzzles and hidden object scenes entwined with Gatsby’s devoted love and criminal dealings - and help Judy find the whereabouts of the treasure and free her friend from the kidnapper’s grasp.

-Fantastic Graphics
-Free Judy's friend from a kidnapper's grasp
-Find the whereabouts of a lost treasure
-Solve cryptic puzzles and uncover a dark past

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  • by BiddyCat on Jun 09, 2014

    It was a great game. Remember folks HO/ADV, Lot of traveling but worth it. Map helps alot. Loved the story line and the ending. Good job Iwin. Lets have some more. Enjoy. See more See less

  • by DracoXXX13 on Jun 09, 2014

    i just played this game its top hogs its adventure mystery i rate it 5 stars its was a medium hard game to go thru but worth it See more See less

  • by Jan5 on Jun 08, 2014

    This game was awesome!! The Great Gatsby rises again! The story is a classic and the graphics are amazing. I started out a little slow and used the hint button if I got stuck. You need to go back and forth to areas and use the diary and map to navigate. Persistence will pay off and the hint button is a great help. I played the entire game, stopping once to regroup, but it was worth it to keep the story going. I was mesmerized by the quest to solve the mystery! Most gratifying. You can skip some of the puzzles if you can't figure them out, which is very helpful! Kudos to the game developers! See more See less

  • by Pd1066 on Jun 08, 2014

    Knowing the story of the Great Gatsby, I kinda wanted to finish the game, just because. But the graphics were haphazard - sometimes they were good and sometimes they weren't. The story wasn't fully developed and stuff happened but you had to know the backstory to understand it. Some of the inset screen shots were blank, leaving you to wonder if you were missing something. And then a glitch at the end kept me from getting to the treasure, so I don't know if Amy was one of the bad guys or a victim. Play if you can and make your own decision about the game. See more See less

  • by BrendaCripps on Jun 08, 2014

    Really seemed like a good premise. But the story couldn't carry the convoluted gameplay. Caracters were wooden, didn't even seem part of the game. See more See less

  • by meme4209 on Jun 07, 2014

    wouldn't let me play it kept kicking me out.I will play it from another site. See more See less

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