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Tradewinds Odyssey

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Navigate the high seas in Ancient Greece!

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Game Description

Tradewinds Odyssey takes you on an adventurous journey across ancient Greece, where gods, heroes and monsters of legend await.

Guide five unique heroes - the Athlete, Cynic, Priestess, Minotaur and Goddess - as you embark on over 50 chapters and quests, encountering characters both strange and familiar. Take part in trading like never before by creating and spreading goods to new lands as you build, strengthen and upgrade your fleet into a powerful force unrivaled in the Aegean! Cast powerful spells bestowed upon you by the gods, or use your unique Heros Talent to demolish your opponent in battle.
Your adventure begins today in Tradewinds Odyssey!

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  • by anonymous on Dec 21, 2010

    This game sucks hard. It is hard to believe that the same mastermind that invented tradewinds legends invented this disaster. Maybe someone else invented this one or maybe they had a mind slip either way not a good game the plot goes nowhere. See more See less

  • by TapWater15 on Sep 06, 2010

    i loved this one it is one of my favorites! i was so sad when my trial expired. See more See less

  • by Rockstarkou on Jun 08, 2010

    Personally this is my favorite Tradewinds. I love the Greek Mythology humor, (I played all the characters). People who think this is boring didn't have the time to read the dialogue. Out of all the Tradewinds Games I never liked the first one as it didn't have the quest options. Apparently this kind of game isn't for everyone, oh well! See more See less

  • by eaglefawn on Nov 06, 2009

    Tradewinds great fun many hours to learn all the ins and outs of the special purchases and their value to a profitable game, Tradewinds II was ok not quite as good a the Original but this one...ugh never did figure it out too confusing rank this one a no go from the start See more See less

  • by trns4matn on Aug 19, 2009

    I too have played them all. I was not bored. I even played all of the characters. When you read the previous reviews, I almost did not buy the game. I had no problems with enemies attacking me. It is like Legends, you do not know when they are going to attack. Like all the other Tradewind games you have a lot of the same side tasks. I have a lot of fun playing this game. The difference is you earn awards. If you go through the side stories, it has a tongue and cheek with Greek Mythology. See more See less

  • by BLERGHtrue on Aug 04, 2009

    I love a great adventure, typhoon and strategy game, and thankfully Tradewinds Odyssey delivers all three well entwined. What struck me first was the nicely adapted ancient greek imagery but at the same time had a modern twist so it was still eye-pleasing. What impressed me the most was how closely the storyline ... and trade objects and places and people...followed ancient Greek mythology and practices. Gameplay took a little while to start comfortably, maybe about half an hour at most. HINT buy low, sell high! The game can become tedious and repetitive after a long sitting. The humour might not amuse some, as it seems to be targeted for a teen audience. Having studied at least a senior highschool level of the ancient Greek civilization, i would definitely recommend this game to teens and families as a part hilarious, part educational and a part edgeoftheseat past time. See more See less

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