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Westward Kingdoms

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Are you worthy of the throne?

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Game Description

The king has banished his two spoiled, young heirs from their royal realm, and given them a task: To prove themselves worthy of the throne, the heirs must restore the greatness of three neighboring kingdoms.

Roam the countryside with Prince Fenwick and Princess Catherine as they seek the guidance of friendly Kings, Countesses, Dukes, and loyal subjects. Navigate dangerous forests, teeming with ogres, barbarians, wizards, dragons, and fearsome Black Knights, as you uncover the truth behind the royal banishment in Westward Kingdoms!

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  • by YaellesAFrigginNut on Feb 18, 2016

    Great length, quests, characters and replayability with a surprising intelligence and wit that you do not often see in games sold on the casual games market. Westward Kingdoms would be more appreciated by dedicated gamers than by those who like their games to consist of finding hidden items on pages. See more See less

  • by BiddyCat on Nov 13, 2013

    Couldn't understand what to do. So no I didn't care for it. Like to have the people doing something and not needing me to move their stiff bodies around. This type of game for other people not me. See more See less

  • by soadokdls on Apr 20, 2013

    I really like these games because it is the same price as all the others but it takes days to complete (unlike the adventure games that you can finish in like 2 hours). I've played this game completely 2 times and I've gotten all the trophies except the one for defeat the castle missions (only because they aren't that interesting and take too much time). I won't lie, I did have to look at a walkthrough a few times in order to complete a few of the quests, but all in all it's just challenging enough to be really fun! See more See less

  • by dorseyred on Sep 10, 2012

    love this games its keep you doing thing s and it have you work for it . See more See less

  • by ppineapple on Jun 06, 2011

    I thought Westward Kingdoms was a cute and fun game. It's great for people of all ages. The best criteria of the game would no doubt be the graphics because it's similar to the one in Wonderland Adventures. During play time with the game, I didn't like holding the mouse down to move the characters. It's a lot more effort than just clicking on a spot on the land. The music didn't have an upbeat feeling to me so it provided no motivation in the game. See more See less

  • by honeyss on Mar 27, 2011

    I really like adventure games and this is my favorite! Unlike other adventure games you don't have to wait forever to get things accomplished. I can't wait for Westward Kingdoms 2!!!! See more See less

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