Detective Agency: Grey Tie Collector's Edition

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Solve the riddles and investigate the largest heist in history in the Detective Agency: Grey Tie

Publisher Avi Games

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Game Description

Enjoy the first game in the New Grey Tie Detective Agency series. This thrilling game is jam-packed with breathtaking settings, unique and interesting methods to find stuff, and new mini-games. In this mystery detective story, you will assist detectives in locating and solving a stolen figurine. Amanda and her aide, both professional detectives, take on the case. Gino Grasso, the collector, will show you where the daring crime was performed, and you will travel to Amsterdam to apprehend the robber. The inquiry will take you to a number of perilous locations. You'll be chasing the robber with the cops and getting great results. The castle ruins and numerous secret artifacts await you. The chemical laboratory will aid in the discovery of the heist's secret and the capture of the robber. However, once Amanda gets to the point, things will take a dramatic change!

Collector's Edition Features:
- 8 extra locations with even more things to find!
- 8 more mini-games to complete!
- Downloadable wallpapers!
- Listen to soundtracks!
- Add the exclusive achievement to your storage!

Download size: 233 MB

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