The Rosebud Condominium

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A quick-paced hidden object game spanning the universe!

Publisher Blue Salt Games

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Game Description

Become Sarah, a single mother and aspiring architect who is commissioned by the enigmatic Boss to build a sprawling tower that stretches beyond terrestrial boundaries. But as Sarah builds taller and taller, she draws the ire of Craig, the unassuming Canadian who sets out stop her! The Rosebud Condominium is a new flavor of hidden object games, featuring procedurally-generated levels so that every playthrough is a unique experience, and a quick arcade pace that keeps the player engaged for hours.

-  Build across 48 levels through six vivid worlds
-  Search through over 500 varied items, from the mundane to the outright bizarre
-  Play as Sarah, an architect aspiring to stratospheric heights!
-  Beware of Craig, who places a dozen different challenges along your path
-  Reach the end of the universe, and maybe even a floor further...

Download size: 545 MB

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