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12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull
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After the evil goddess Hera frightens the great Cretan Bull, Hercules, hero of Ancient Greece tries to tame it. Help Hercules save the day as the bull goes wild and destroys towns and buildings! Along the way, you will have the opportunity to build wonders and solve incredible puzzles. In each of the 4 stages, there are 10 puzzle pieces to collect and solve at the conclusion of the stage. Enjoy colorful comics and Hercules' surprising tricks in stunning HD!

-Stunning HD graphics and Windows 8 touch screen support.
-Collect pieces of numerous incredible puzzles to solve!
-Unlock extra bonus levels!
-Amazing new Wonders: Ancient Zoo, Aviary, and more!

Category: Time Management
Release Date: 07/25/14

Having Problems with this game? Please visit our Support Center

* Please note that all release dates are tentative and subject to change.  
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I am having an issue with this game on level 4.1, I am unnable to find the puzzle piece here. I am asking for help because I have gone back and played this level no less then 7 times and I am still unable to find it. I can only hope that someone can tell me were to look please as this is the only piece I have not found.  
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Never mind if someone has the answer, I decided to do I guess something stupid but it worke. I went into the game and just kept clicking and clinking on all areas of the game for about 10 minutes and then went back to the map and guess what I must have found it by pure luck. Now with that done I am completley done with the game. Maybe someone may still post the answer to my question just encases someone else has the same problem.  

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level 3.8 can not be commpleted.. i have tried a number of times and il always left needing 2 wood and no where to get it from.... its very frustrating because other that this i like the game.  
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Hello Riggy P, you can go to Youtube and se the level played, then you should be able to finish it. You have to do it in a special order.Don't pic all the wood up at start, then you have to much and you will lose some wood.
Mary on level 4.1 the puzzle-piece is under the turtle.  

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Can anyone help me to find the puzzle piece on level 1-5 please?
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can anyone help with level 4.7 on expert? I cant get 3 stars on it to save my life!  
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1.2---on the beach
1.3--on volcano its light brown
1.4--by large red flower on the rock
1.5--by 3 piles of wood on mountain top its brown
1.6--on pink tenticle
1.7--directly above ship on the cliff--its green
1.8-- under pine tree by hill
1.9---its yellow, on rock the moment that the screen opens up
1.10--light brown on snow at bottom of page
2.1--its green at the waterfall
2.2--bottom of page down by the fir trees- by the money
2.3--same area with the tymphany-its black
2.4--at the bottom of lake by money-its green
2.5--up to top between2 small fir trees its white
2.6--its white on rock by exit arrow pointer
2.7--on the plateu with 6 cheeses
2.8--at the bottom by blunger its black
2.9--down at bottom by large fir tree its grayish brown
2.10--between the 3 boulders at bottom
3.1-- along hill at bottom of cliff
3.2-- in the big flower- its yellow
3.3--above the last ghost, black lake on cliff-its green
3.4--in the water by the waterfall- its black
3.5--above the home where workers stay-its green
3.6--in the lake-its yellow
3.7--in the black mud pit- its black
3.8--at the bottom by white bone
3.9--at the bottom dam by the right plunger
3.10----at the end by cow skull
4.1--on the beach -turtle is sitting on top of it
4.2--on island between factories-its brown
4.3--on left handed island by sand castle
4.4--on the beach by wood pile
4.5--up at top by 2 piles of coins
4.6--right hand side by black skull and pearl
4.7--in the boot shape lake
4.8--left side above cage -its green
4.9--right side on black below pointer-its brown
4.10-- on bottom by the fish skeleton
I hope that this helps everyone get the puzzle piecces  

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OK. I'm on level 4.1. I know the piece is under the turtle. All fine and good. But HOW do I click on it? People talk here as if it's as simple as knowing where it is. But not for me. I click and click and - - nada. I wait for the turtle to raise up - and click. Nothing. I don't think my aim is THAT bad - but maybe it is? Is there a trick to snatching the puzzle piece out from under the turtle? Am I dense or are these old hands actually that shaky?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.  
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